Tri-State Biodiesel — Your Green Fuel Supplier

Bioheat® Dealer Spotlight for the Month of August goes to Tri-State Biodiesel!


We had the wonderful opportunity to hear Dehran Duckworth’s, Fuel Sales Manager of Tri-State Biodiesel , Bioheat® fuel story! Tri-State Biodiesel has been in the biodiesel blended fuel distribution business for ten years now. Tri-State Biodiesel provides clean, renewable Biodiesel fuel made from recycled cooking oil to the entire Tri-State region including New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Dehran said, “We believe the benefits of using Bioheat® fuel are many. Bioheat fuel reduces harmful emissions, cleans tanks and fuel delivery lines while lowering soot levels, and in it’s neat form (B99.9) is biodegradable and non-toxic. The use of Bioheat fuel promotes domestic job creation and retention of energy dollars within local economies.” When asked why they feel other fuel dealers haven’t taken advantage of selling and marketing Bioheat fuel, Dehran answered, “We believe they may not know where to acquire it easily and affordably, secondly because of the volume of misinformation out  there with regards to equipment compatibility and storage/handling concerns.”

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