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Biodiesel fuel can be used in any #2 boiler, diesel car or truck, diesel generator or construction equipment. None of these uses require any modifications to your equipment or vehicle. Our fuel often costs less than diesel, is locally produced, and has drastically reduced emissions.

Want to save $.20/ gallon on heating oil costs using Bioheat®Heating Oil? To learn more about the New York State Clean Heating Fuel Tax Credit available to residential consumers of Bioheat® Heating Oil, go to:

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Heating season is coming, and B100 Bioheat® Heating Oil is less expensive than ever this year! Please call Tri State Biodiesel at 1(800) 571-7171 for more info, or go to and enter your zip code to find current pricing and place an online order for immediate delivery!



  • Dehran, I want you to know what a fabulous job Manny has done servicing our boiler and thanks to both of you for being available to answer our questions as needed. We have been very happy to be customers of Tri-State Biodiesel in recent years and to also know we are helping the environment. With many thanks.
    304 Boerum Street LLC, Brooklyn, NY
  • "Dehran Duckworth and the team at Tri-State Bio Diesel are real professionals and delivers top quality service to their clients. Their service is prompt, reliable and even in the most challenging circumstances (Hurricane...) comes through and ensures their customers' needs are met while personally seeing every aspect of the operation and maintaining constant contact with field level employees and customer's representatives"
    Nitzan Neeman Director, Strategic Initiatives and Process Improvement at SeniorCare Emergency Medical Services
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  • “Biodiesel’s lubricating properties have been ‘the saving grace’ in protecting the injectors.” — Dwaine Cunningham, Shop Foreman, The Potomac School in McLean, VA.
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  • “Students and parents rely on us every day to get their children to and from school safely... why not use a fuel that’s better for the environment, better for the students and helps Illinois farmers.” — John Benish, Jr., Chief Operating Officer of Chicago School Transit parent company
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  • “It has been proven that biodiesel improves air quality both outside of the bus and in the interior.” — Joe Biluck, Director of Operations and Technology Medford, New Jersey School District
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  • National Biodiesel Day is celebrated on March 18 -- the anniversary of Rudolf Diesel's birthday. When he first introduced the diesel engine, it ran not on petroleum but rather on peanut oil.
  • “Nearly every product that ends up on a store shelf is dependent on diesel fuel to get it there. That heavy reliance on one fuel means our economy is directly linked to petroleum price swings. It’s in everyone’s best interest to have a choice in transportation fuel, and that’s where biodiesel - America’s first Advanced Biofuel - comes in,” said Joe Jobe, National Biodiesel Board CEO.
  • "Very Good, Very Helpful Company. Honest and no shortages!!"
    Manhattan CODFUEL.COM Customer
  • "Excellent on-time service. We are very happy with this company so far. Thank you!"
    CODFUEL.COM Customer
  • "Excellent and courtesy and service and knowledgeable service man. The fuel works every bit as well as oil,but without the "oil" odor in the basement. So far so good. Thank you!"
    CODFUEL.COM Customer
  • "Right on time as always. This company which repurposes frying oil from NYCs 20,000 restaurants, all natural, cheaper and cleaner! Read all about this company at:"
    CODFUEL.COM Customer
  • "I just want to say thank you. Your company and drivers are awesome. Thankful for working with you in doing our part for the environment. Your deliveries have been on time, clean and courteous. The guys are respectful and very quiet. I appreciate an earlier than request delivery as we have several babies and children in our home. You guys came all the way to Brooklyn on a cold Feb night, and we so appreciate it. Keep up the great job!!! I will be sure and refer your company any chance I get."
    Brooklyn B100 heating oil customer
  • "You guys are awesome! Thank you for on time deliveries, actually earlier than expected delivery tonight. Your part in helping our environment and for the wonderful employees that you have. The guys are courteous, quiet, clean and just a pleasure to greet on deliveries. We have several babies in the home and really needed the oil on such a cold night as tonight. And you guys came all the way to Brooklyn warmed our homes and our hearts. Thanks so much!!"
    Brooklyn B100 heating oil customer;
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    See what CODFUEL.COM customers are saying about B100 from TSB!
  • "Another company I found through CODFUEL that was fantastic.  TSB is professional, and friendly.  They also stood by their word and changed my filter for free."
    CODFUEL customer;
  • Our building was switched to biodiesel in the spring of 2012. There were no problems with the change in fuels for our building's furnace, and was no cost incurred in the change. The only difference our super reported was that the smoke from the chimney turned from black to white. The major advantage in biodiesel is in terms of pollutants, carbon neutrality and a dramatic decrease in sulfur and other hazardous chemicals, but there is a cost benefit for the condo, as it's priced less than the benchmark for #2 fuel oil and the $.20 per gallon tax credit from NYS for using a 'green' fuel.
    Upper West Side building unit owner / board member
  • Thank you to TSB for providing the clean B100 fuel; to know that our heat and hot water is based on used cooking oil from local restaurants instead of petroleum from overseas is a comfort that both I and my tenants enjoy!
    Owner of multifamily residence in Queens, NY
  • I use Biodiesel Heating Oil; it makes me warm in the house and warm in my soul to do the right thing with [bioheat] at home. This is the best real green alternative available right now.
    Brooklyn homeowner
  • TriState Biodiesel has been delivering Biodiesel to 300 of our customers since 2010. TSB has been an outstanding addition to our business and their product has been well received by our customers. In the 2012-13 season, we are expecting a significant growth spurt in biodiesel sales. This expectation is partly due to increased consumer awareness and customer requests for biodiesel. Additionally, due to the lack of customer issues with biodiesel and the reliability of TSB, we plan on promoting it more feverishly...
    John Franco,
  • I have run B99 from many different sources in my Rover over the years. I wanted to take a minute to let you know that the fuel you are selling is, without question, the BEST. The vehicle is not fast by any means, so any added boost is easily noticed. I am currently experiencing the best performance I've ever had, including B99, petroleum fuel, and blends. The mileage is excellent. The sound is quiet. There was also a noticeable ticking from my fuel lift pump on other B99 that has gone away using only your fuel. Thank you, Bear Schmidt
    Bear Schmidt, Customer
  • I concur [that it's great] ... The tristate juice is to diesel like mate is to coffee!
    Pablo, Customer

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