Tri-State Biodiesel — Your Green Fuel Supplier

Frequently Asked Questions

Is biodiesel or bioheat more expensive?
NO. It’s the same or less in most cases.

Do I need special equipment?
NO. Biodiesel blends will work the same as regular diesel/ #2 heating oil in unmodified equipment and trucks. 

How will biodiesel affect my fuel efficiency?
Biodiesel blends have almost exactly the same fuel efficiency as petro-diesel. You will not notice a difference. 

Will biodiesel void my warranty?
NO. All equipment warranties allow some biodiesel blends if the fuel meets ASTM specs. If a manufacturer tries to tell you otherwise, refer them to the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. Ask TSB about equipment guarantees for qualifying customers using high blend bioheat blends.

If I switch my building to TSB Bio-heating oil will I still get boiler service?
TSB can provide you with professional reliable boiler service or you can keep your old boiler service, the issues are the same as with regular heating oil.

Can I blend biodiesel into my current supply of heating oil?
Yes. You do not need to drain your current tank of #2 heating oil in order to start using biodiesel. You can blend it in with your current supply.

What is your coverage area for biodiesel/bio-heating oil deliveries?
We primarily deliver to the NYC metro area, but will also complete larger delivery orders outside this area.

Will it make my house or car smell like french fries?
No, biodiesel is a highly processed fuel that has virtually no smell.