Tri-State Biodiesel — Your Green Fuel Supplier
Date:June 05, 2013 Visits the TSB Rendering Facility

It is impossible to work in the heating oil industry today and not know about biodiesel heating oil, known more commonly by its brand name, Bioheat. This blend of renewable fuel and traditional, petroleum-based no. 2 heating oil has been hailed as the future of the industry. Its high energy content, low emissions, and system-cleaning solvent properties have made it an attractive fuel to heating oil dealers and consumers alike. And because much of America’s biodiesel is produced domestically, increased use of biodiesel heating oil helps reduce our country’s dependence on crude oil and petroleum products from overseas.

So where do biodiesel and Bioheat come from? visited Tri-State Biodiesel in the Bronx, NYC to find out. Tri-State Biodiesel uses used cooking oil as its source (known as feedstock) of biodiesel, which the company collects from restaurants around New York. While most biodiesel producers use soybean oil as their main feedstock, Tri-State’s reliance on used cooking oil helps reduce waste and does not affect domestic supplies of food crops.

The video team documented operations at Tri-State’s processing facility and sat down with the company’s CEO, Brent Baker. Baker shared some of his experiences as a biodiesel producer and retailer of biodiesel heating oil, and addressed the concerns that make some dealers and consumers wary of the product.