Tri-State Biodiesel — Your Green Fuel Supplier
Date:June 05, 2013

NY1 Visits TSB Facility to Discuss Biodiesel Benefits After NYC Mandate

The City Council wants restaurants to recycle old cooking oil and building owners to use it as heating fuel. NY1’s Dean Meminger filed the following report about the plan that will soon become law.

The Federal Environmental Protection Agency says biodiesel burns much cleaner than regular diesel, reducing the amount of pollution released into the air. The City Council agrees and passed legislation this week mandating all buildings in the city that burn heating oil use at least two percent of biodiesel fuel mixed in with regular diesel.

This is good news for Tri-State Biodiesel, which is based in Hunts Point in the Bronx. It collects cooking oil for free from numerous restaurants around the city and trucks the oil upstate to a company called Northern Biodiesel in Rochester. There, the oil goes through a chemical process making it a viable fuel to be sold at competitive prices.

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